Tranz Mobile Phone File Sharing App – Videos, Photos, Music, Documents

Tranz ( is a file sharing and networking mobile application that stay connected with your friends in your phonebook from your Internet enabled (GPRS / 3G / Wi-Fi) mobile phone. With the Tranz social tool, you can simply share pictures, videos and your thoughts. Tranz is launched by Technopark, Kerala based Innoz.

You can download TRanz from your Mobile phone at or download from PC at


TRANZ Features

  • Share your party photos and videos instantly with your friends.
  • Share your thoughts; get to know what’s latest with your friends and what’s latest on your friends’ phones.
  • Share files only with friends on your phone book, no spam!
  • Privately share any file with your friend.
  • Add your thoughts, notes and shouting about the file that you are sharing.
  • Send direct messages to your friends.
  • Provides friend suggestions for Tranz users who are not on your phonebook.
  • Lets you update your Tranz friends by syncing your phonebook.
  • Set download location of your choice for the files that you receive via Tranz.
  • Tranz supports WIFI.
  • TRANZ supports all JAVA enabled phones.

TRANZ promises to launch native applications soon for Symbian, iphone & android handsets.


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