Mobispine – Free Mobile RSS Reader

Mobispine is a mobile media browser which gives you the news and blogs of your interest from your favorite sources. Mobispine adds news sources and blogs to their listing everyday day. Mobispine helps to find news of your areas of interest delivered directly to your mobile device. Mobispine is intelligent enough to learn what you like and will help you keep up with your interests.

Mobispine is not an ordinary mobile RSS reader, although news and blogs are tracked via RSS feeds.
Mobispine is not a search engine, although you can search articles by specific tags and keywords.
Mobispine is not an ordinary bookmarking service, although you can submit feeds of your favorite websites and also bookmark them.

In order to use Mobispine, you need a mobile phone that accepts Java programs (MIDP2.0) and an Internet-enabled phone (GPRS, 3G, WiFi or similar).


Mobispine is 100 % free of charge to download and to use. However, your operator might charge you a small fee for the data traffic according to your data plan. The Mobispine service is optimized in order to consume as little data as possible. Mobispine claims that it is 20 times cheaper than other mobile browsers and RSS alternatives.

You can easily customize your Mobispine according to your interests and location. Mobispine has today more than 200,000 RSS-feeds in the mobile directory and you can simply search for feeds and add them as you find them interesting. If you have favorite feeds which are missing, you can easily add them to your phone as well, and they will also be added to the directory.

In order to get started, simply point your mobile browser to, download the software and start the software. You can import your current RSS subscriptions from other RSS readers into Mobispine as an OPML file. For example, if you were using the mobile version of Google Reader, you can export the OPML from Google Reader and add to Mobispine.

You can also blog from your mobile phone using Mobispine. It is free to download Mobispine into your mobile and start mobile blogging. As Mobispine uses Internet technology instead of MMS to transfer data, it is normally 10 to 100 times cheaper than MMS. Your operator may charge you for the data cost, but this is normally a mere fraction of what it costs to send an ordinary MMS. Whether you use your mobile phone or your PC, you can use Mobispine to publish your blog. Simply login to Mobispine, and choose “go to my blog” and update your blog from there also.

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