Translate Tweets Into Multiple Language – Translate Twitter Tweets

Translate Twitter Tweets (TTT) is a free simple web app that automatically posts translations of your Twitter tweets into multiple language and also updates your Twitter timeline with translated tweets. Translate Twitter Tweets is the best way which will enable users to tweet in their native language.

  • Login to your Twitter account
  • To translate Tweet to a particular language just type the message in English followed by the Hashtag of that particular language
  • The tweet will be posted in the desired language automatically

[advt]If you have followers in non-English speaking countries so that you can tweet them in their native language. For example, let’s say you want to send a tweet in available in Arabic language. While sending the tweet you just have to include Hashtag of Arabic language to your tweet (#ar). It automatically translates Twitter tweets into Arabic language. Multiple tags can be added to a single tweet.

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