– Free Online Social Network Monitoring Tool is a free online social networking monitoring tool that analyzes your Facebook and Twitter status updates and draw the productivity chart. It will help you to keep focusing on the important things in your life, track your progress and spot your time-eaters. It draws the productivity chart based on the negative and positive actions per day. You will get weekly reports of your activity in social Facebook and Twitter. It can filter your words.

Features of

  • Productivity: You can post Twitter or Facebook status directly from and monitor them with it. Mark words and this free social network monitoring softwarewill filter those words and draw a productivity chart based on it. It helps you to focus on your main goal of life by avoiding distractions.
  • [advt]Planning: Another great feature of this great free online social networking monitoring software is planning. What you have to do is type your desired action

Just sign up for an account and authorize it with your Facebook and Twitter account. Once you are done, you can post status updates directly from your account.

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