Transfer Large Files among Computers – Download Binfer

Binfer is file transfer software for sending and receiving large files such as videos, pictures and documents without uploading them on any servers. Most file sharing or transfer services require you to upload your files on their servers and then have your contacts downloaded them individually. With Binfer you don’t have to upload/download anything on hosting servers.

Think of Binfer as a tiny yet powerful combination of Email + FTP + VPN + Web servers, that makes sending & receiving of large attachments of any size and quantity, super easy, fast and practical. Easy to use interface, drag and drop simplicity and a powerful transfer technology makes your life easier and productive. Drag and drop hundreds of files. Binfer ensures that all of them get to your contacts. You will never use “Browse” and select one file at a time again.

Download Binfer 


  • File sharing with no uploads or email attachments
  • [advt]Files transfer directly from computer to computer
  • Transfer files directly from your computer to any web browser
  • Receive large files without a FTP server
  • Drag and drop hundreds of files
  • Interrupted transfers are automatically resumed
  • AES 128 bit encryption
  • No malware or spyware
  • Keep track of what you have sent and to whom
  • View detailed transfer status
  • Chat

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