Track your Time for Clients or Yourself – Freckle

Freckle helps you track your time, for clients or yourself, and doesn’t get in your way. Freckle is perfect for freelancers, consultants etc. Tracking your time—for your clients, for yourself—doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. Freckle eliminates all the nonsense between you and your work.

Tracking time shouldn’t take time. Freckle helps to respect your time, with everything from site speed, long-lasting login sessions, to the time entry and reporting forms themselves.


  • Freckle gets you in & out as fast as possible
  • Freckle will handle those pesky minimum billing increments for you, automatically
  • Freckle makes it a snap to track your unbillable time, & even to see which clients suck up the most overhead
  • Freckle shows you your work rhythm: which days you work, how much, how productive
  • Save time that you’d spending fighting with your slow, demanding software
  • Recover time that it was too annoying to track before
  • Earn more for the time you’re already spending with industry-standard practices like minimum increment billing
  • Make smart choices about who to work for, or if you should raise your rates, by showing you how much overhead you have, and who’s using it

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