LiquidPlanner – Professional Online Project Management

liquid_logoLiquidPlanner is easy and professional online project management software for scheduling, collaboration, time tracking, and reporting. It is a platform-independent, web-based project management system which uses ranged estimates (e.g. 3–5 days) to express the uncertainty in the estimate for performing a given task. It is not a free service. It makes prioritizing, organizing, and scheduling simple, no matter how many projects and clients you have to juggle, so you can focus on what’s really important: getting things done

Enough with separate email threads, wikis, share folders, and instant messaging. Manage your project schedules, communication, and documentation in one central place and find efficiencies you never knew were possible

  • Create schedules in minutes
  • Focus on top priorities
  • Organize, assign, and track work faster
  • Stay connected with intuitive social features
  • [advt]Save your sanity

With LiquidPlanner, you get what you need:

  • [advt]Fewer meetings
  • Less e-mail
  • More realistic schedules
  • Tighter collaboration
  • Better visibility
  • More project wins


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