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Enable Websites for SMS Access on non-GPRS Phones Using “Site On Mobile”

Siteonmobile is a pilot service from HP Labs India that enables SMS and voice access to existing websites. Site On Mobile enables low end phones to access the web without GPRS connectivity on the phones.The solution enables task-based personal web interactions. Instead of delivering a complete web page to a mobile phone, the solution delivers only the short content relevant to the user’s task. It is based on a patent-pending technology(Tasklets). […]

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webOS 2.0 Mobile OS for HP Palm Devices – Features

With the release of Palm Pre 2 mobile device, HP-Palm has unveiled its first webOS 2.0 powered device. HP webOS 2.0 is an upgrade to webOS, which was released first on June 6, 2009 through Palm Pre Mobile. HP webOS 2.0 integrates many cool features in Palm Pre 2 which includes features like Just Type, Stack, HP Synergy, Exhibition and more for a rich and intelligent mobile experience. […]

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HP Mini 5101 Series PC – Overview and Features

HP Mini 5101 is a lightweight stylish mini PC with a 10.1-inch diagonal LED-backlit display and optional integrated WWAN designed for mobile professionals. HP Mini 5101 is a fully functional companion PC with 10.1-inch diagonal LED backlit display and Intel Atom processors.

HP Mini 5101 weighs only 1.3 kg, the 95% full-size keyboard and a touchpad, HP 3D DriveGuard, WiFi, Bluetooth, Integrated 2MP camera, integrated speakers and microphone. […]