Tinker New Service for Social Web – Showing Latest Buzz from Twitter

Tinker is a new service that helps you stay on top of your favorite events by showing you the latest buzz from Twitter and across the social web. Simply choose a keyword, and create an Event Stream. An event could be a movie premiere, a book launch, a Superbowl party, or an episode of Lost. No need to download, just signup for activities the service. Tinker pulls in all the relevant tweets from Twitter around a keyword that you define.

You can also use Tinker to help promote your own events (or product launches) by putting an embeddable widget version of your Event Stream on your website or profile page. The embeddable Tinker widget even lets users tweet directly on your site.

[advt]The embeddable version of Tinker helps you:

  • Promote an event, movie, book or website launch
  • Create conversation directly on your site
  • Be the first to hear the latest buzz and share it with your users


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