Combines Your Email, Facebook, Twitter, Chat Using threadsy

threadsy is the first truly integrated communications client. It pulls together your email, Facebook, Twitter, chat, and the broader social web into a simpler, enjoyable experience. More than simply aggregating information, threadsy integrates the services to provide better organization of messages and deep context on the people you communicate with. It’s free to use and works with your existing accounts right in your web browser.

threadsy is free and works through a web browser, there’s no need to download anything. It works with existing email addresses, Facebook, and Twitter

threadsy would frequently check for new messages only when you were actively using it. Now it checks frequently whenever you have it open in your browser. Keep threadsy open in a browser tab or window while you do other things and the threadsy ding sound will alert you of new messages in your Inbound

When you open a message in threadsy, you can see a lot of interesting stuff about the sender in the profile that opens on the side, including recent Facebook and Twitter updates, photos, bio info, and their website memberships.

[advt]Introducing a first-of-its-kind feature:  Facebook likes & interests in threadsy.

  • Highlight shared passions: See all the Likes & Interests you have in common with someone.
  • Do your homework: Unearth interests to get a better sense of what a person cares about.
  • Learn about new stuff: Browse a person’s entire batch of Likes and find interesting new ones.
  • Works for anyone: Doesn’t matter if they’re a Facebook friend or not. If they have public Likes you’ll see them here.[source]


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