Scan Barcodes with iPhone or Android Device – Download Stickybits App

stickybit_logoStickybits is a free app that lets you scan barcodes with your iPhone or Android phone. Each barcode has a wall of digital content associated with it, and some have promotions and deals that will be revealed on scan. Stickybits works with all existing barcodes, QR codes, and also custom barcodes. Scan any barcode. Read reviews and comments, and share your own. Score a bunch of big discounts and free stuff – both for what you’re scanning and related things you’ll like.

[advt]With the free stickybits app you have the key to unlock every single barcode to reveal an infinite world of info and deals. With a quick scan, you enter a social space where you can post and read info, reviews, tweets and videos. You can also grab details and promos attached to products, which you can cash in instantly.

Download Stickybits for iPhone and Antroid

Also stickybits will work with QR codes. Most QR code scanners will redirect you to the URL embedded in the QR code. Stickybits does not redirect on scan; it will instead create a unique page in the app where people can read and share digital content related to that QR code.


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