Teambox – Online Project Management and Social Collaboration Tools

teamboxTeambox is a social collaboration tools with online project management. It change the way people work by making it easier and more fun to get things done. With simplicity as the core focus, the team set forth to create an offering that was easy and fun to use.

It making project management more social and accessible from all places and all forms of technology, it is no longer complicated to manage what needs to get done.

It dedicated to integrating social networking utilities into functional project management. It offer activity streams, threaded conversations and commenting, inbox management and alerts, RSS feeds and well anything that makes it easier to quickly see and address what is going on in your tasks and projects.

Teambox used because:

  • [advt]Teambox is building a productivity layer on top of the world. Managing tasks has never been easier.
  • Teambox is designed to make it easier to manage tasks and communication. It is as easy to use as email.
  • With everything online and powerful search tools; it is easy to find what you need.
  • Security, Teambox is managed on Enterprise Class Servers with the most advanced encryption and backups.
  • It gives you communication options. RSS, Email, Mobile Access and Web interfaces are just the beginning of how you can communicate


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