PocketSmith – Web-Based Calendar That Forecasts Future Cash Position

pocketsmithPocketSmith is a web-based calendar that forecasts your future cash position. Welcome to a new way of managing your money. It works like any web-based calendar, except the events are financial. Put in your scheduled salary, bill payments, rent, and grocery bills; you can also make them repeat weekly, fortnightly or monthly. As you go, it takes the events and generates you a 6 or 12 month cash forecast, with a daily predicted balance. Now you’re planning your budget for the coming year. Adjust your events to change your future.

[advt]You may upload your electronic bank statements to get a meaningful overview of your activity using PocketSmith’s intuitive interface. Match up your transactions with your events to see if you’re sticking to your budget. Monitor your PocketSmith forecast, and stick to your plan. Simply ensure that your daily forecast balance reflects your accounts. Keep uploading your statements to see on-going information on your spending activity. It is free but, premium is paid version.


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