Tapl.io – Navigate the Web by Recommending Related Sites Using Tabs

Taplio is a browser app that helps you navigate the web by recommending related sites using tabs. It’s quick, simple, and clean.

Taplio is called a passive search tool, meaning that you don’t need to do anything. When you visit a place’s profile on an integrated site, Tapl.io finds that place’s profiles on other sites and allows you to access them using a row of browser tabs.

Taplio has sharing feature that if you to find a place you would like to share with others, just click the “share” button on the Tapl.io tab bar. A window appear, allowing you to send a Facebook message or a tweet about the place. The “share” window also provides a link that you can copy and paste anywhere you want.

Download Taplio Chrome Extension

Share Place Using Tapl.io

Your messages will be preloaded with a link, which, when followed, will allow your friends to view the place using Tapl.io (if they don’t have Tapl.io installed they’ll still be able to explore the place using a “test-drive” version of Tapl.io). In effect, you can share the ‘essence’ of a place using Tapl.io (as opposed to a single service’s webpage about a place), and your friends can see everything about the place.


For Chrome, Tapl.io should update itself automatically. If it doesn’t, click “window” on your menubar and then click on “extensions”. You should see Tapl.io listed, along with some options to update or disable/re-enable. For Safari, you’ll need to tell your browser to automatically update.

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