Take Electrocardiograph (ECG) with Your iPhone

iPhoneECG allows you to take a personal electrocardiograph with your iPhone and send it to your doctor. You need to place the iPhone against your chest and get a realtime readout of ECG information. After completion the ECG data will be uploaded and converted into a PDF for physician or healthcare review.

Alivecor’s iCard ECG accessory in the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad listen the heartbeat by using actual metal conductor points strapped to the back of the device.

In future all the medical examinations can be done by this mobile tool iPhone or iPad.


  • Records and stores the ECG on the servers, data can be saved as .pdf file format.[advt]
  • Extremely thin & small with size of a credit-card
  • Made up of very low profile velcro (black and metallic red colors)
  • Battery compartment on back of iCard (lasts for 150 hours)
  • Attachment for iPhone 3GS iPhone4, iPad, and iPad 2.

iphone ECG screenshot

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