Sync Gmail, Outlook and Cellphone Contacts Using Soocial

Soocial is an easy and complete online contacts Sync, that can sync your address books.  If you change a number on your phone, within minutes it will be in your Gmail and on your computer. With Soocial all your address books will always be in sync.

Six reasons to use Soocial for your address book

  • FULL TWO-WAY SYNC: Unlike other tools that only import your contacts once. Soocial keeps your devices and online apps continuously in sync.
  • MULTIPLE GMAIL ACCOUNTS: With Soocial you can connect all your Gmail accounts. Whether it’s a normal Gmail account or your Google Apps for domains or your Google Voice account.
  • WORKS IN THE BACKGROUND: Soocial works in the background so you don’t have to worry about syncing. Let it do the work for you so you can get on with getting stuff done.
  • [advt]EASY TO USE: Unlike other bloated software Soocial makes it easy to create sanity in your address books by not having to worry about where your contacts are.
  • NO BINDING CONTRACTS:There’s no contract with the monthly or annual plans. You can cancel your Soocial account at any time. And when you leave we will respect your choice and remove all your data from its records.

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