Free Online Image Editor – Download Sumo paint

Sumo Paint is an free online image editing application that offers an interactive platform to designers to play with images. It serves as source where individuals can utilize their creativity in producing stunning images. The application is rich  in creating and editing images with its whole bunch of useful tools through online.

SUMO Paint has its similarities to a certain Adobe-made editor, giving you a floating toolbox, side-stacked palette and color bars, and menus with familiar options. If you’re without your favorite desktop editor and in need of photo-editing, SUMO can load images from uploads, URLs and do its own in-browser copy and paste.

SUMO Paint Features:

  • Offers one stop solution to create and edit eye-catching images.
  • Fully loaded with valuable features to allow users to have great fun with images.
  • Incorporates a simplified registration process.
  • SUMO Paint is a fairly impressive clone of Photoshop’s major features inside a browser window.


The history and popularity of the Sumo Paint is launched with the intent of providing a superb platform to image enthusiasts to try out their skills in handling colors. The website keeps on getting updated frequently and it has undergone several changes since its inception.

Registering with Sumo Paint is very easy.The website includes registration procedure at the top of the home page itself. All one need to do is to enter a desired username, a valid email address, and password. The registration process doesn’t take much time of the visitors neither it asks them for entering any financial details in it.


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