StoreYa – Online Service to Create Free Facebook Store

StoreYa is an online service which allows you to import your store and create a free Facebook store. It allows you to customize your Facebook store in the best possible way, that it attracts visitors. After the beta period you will be getting a free trial of this tool for a period of 30 days, and it will be chargeable after the free trial period.

StoreYa is meant to get your products out there where the people are. It helps monetizing the time and efforts you put into maintaining your Facebook fan page. It is fast to set-up and maintain, providing you with the famous “one click import” feature and with the alternative of creating a store from scratch in just a couple of minutes. On top of that, it made StoreYa affordable to ALL retailers, regardless of size.

The process is taking only a matter of minutes, with you having to do little else besides pointing StoreYa to your actual Magento store. All the technical bits will be handled for you, and once the store has been fully imported others will be able to access it by clicking on the tab that will become displayed on your Facebook page.

Specialties one click import web-stores into Facebook, working seamlessly with Magento and other major e-Commerce platforms. Targeting potential new customers inside Facebook, Turning e-Commerce into F-commerce.


  • Presently creates your Facebook store absolutely free.
  • [advt]Customize your Facebook store.
  • Manage your Facebook store.
  • Easily create your own Facebook store.
  • Import your entire inventory, without manually uploading them one by one.

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