steamWriter – Free Internet Radio Recorder

steamWriter is a free internet radio recorder that helps you to record music broadcasted by online radio stations and save them on your PC. You can record unlimited number of streams at the same time in AAC or MP3 format. When recording, this free internet radio recorder will detect the silence and split the tracks accordingly. It also gives you the liberty to cut the tracks manually and save them. This is a great way to download internet radio on your PC, and listen to it offline.

You can add a specific song on wish list and it will be automatically recorded whenever it’s being played on a stream. You can name these recorded files in the pattern you want. It can also skip the short ad songs by itself. You can also use this as a stream browser and listen to streams directly without using any other software. You can play all your recorded audio clip with streamWriter’s built in player. It can play all the saved files.

Download steamWriter 


  • Record as many streams as you want at the same time (MP3/AAC)
  • Automatically record a wishlist’s song when it’s playing on a stream
  • Listen to streams
  • Track splitting with silence detection
  • Function for manual cutting of saved titles
  • Tracks are named by a given pattern
  • [advt]Short songs (ads) can be skipped
  • ID3 tagging and script-based postprocessing option
  • Scheduled recordings
  • Stream browser
  • Multilingual (English/German)
  • Can be installed or used in portable mode

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