SRS TruVoice Voice Suite for Mobile Devices Introduced

SRS Labs introduces SRS TruVoice, a comprehensive suite of voice technologies designed for mobile phones, portable media devices, Bluetooth headphones and gaming consoles that deliver superior voice intelligibility at the near-end for voice communications. SRS TruVoice meets the daily communications needs of today’s mobile phone users, delivering unmatched voice quality for wireless communication.

SRS Labs is the industry leader in audio signal processing for consumer electronics. SRS solutions have been included in over one billion electronic products sold worldwide including flat panel HDTVs, STBs, mobile phones, portable media devices, PCs and automotive entertainment.

Today’s mobile lifestyle requires consumers to use mobile devices in diverse, challenging and oftentimes noisy environments. SRS TruVoice dynamically adapts to adverse conditions and provides significantly improved voice intelligibility, ultimately helping the handset user better hear and understand the other party.


SRS TruVoice enhances voice clarity and tonal quality for increased comprehension, particularly in noisy environments. When in locations of loud ambient noise, TruVoice will sharpen the spoken voice and enhance the overall volume gain in real-time, extensively improving voice intelligibility so the handset user can better understand what the other party is saying.

Some of the features of SRS TruVoice include improved voice intelligibility on the near-end of voice communications, active ambient noise management system, and enhanced overall volume gain of other parties’ voice in real-time.

Modular design makes it simple for OEMs to precisely tune the TruVoice suite for optimal audio performance on every make and model. SRS TruVoice is available for licensing to all mobile device manufactures for integration into their new models. We can soon see many multimedia smartphones coming equipped with SRS TruVoice. [pr]

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