Splashup Free Browser Based Online Photo Editing Tool

Splashup is an online photo editing tool, formerly called Fauxto, similar to Adobe’s Photoshop. Even though Splashup is feature rich, you are not going to have as many options as you use a premium photo editor. It’s a perfect choice for those who are not so tech savvy, who don’t need professional software to do some simple editing works.

Splashup is a Free browser based program. Though its a free service, there are some premium features which can be accessed only by being a member of the site. You can add layers and effects to edit photos. Splashup also allows you to edit multiple images at a time.

You can import your pictures from Picasa, Flickr and Facebook. You can edit those pictures and upload them back to the corresponding sites apart from doing the same to locally saved files on your PC.

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