South Indian Bank – International ATM cum Shopping Card (VISA and Maestro)

South Indian Bank International ATM cum shopping cards helps you to forget carrying cash while shopping and traveling around the world with South Indian Bank’s new VISA and Maestro ATM cum shopping cards. South Indian Bank’s International ATM cum shopping card is designed to meet special and specific requirement of each and every customer issued at absolutely free of cost.

The card comes to you with features of Global acceptance, Online Shopping, Utility bill payments and Cash withdrawal from more than 49,880 ATMs in India and millions of ATMs across the world.

[advt]Acceptability: Enjoy purchases around 3,50,000 POS outlets in India and millions of outlets across the world, shop online, entertain, book tickets, fuel your vehicle and what not…?

Security: SIB’s ATM cum shopping cards comes with an ‘extra level of security’ of verified by VISA/Master card secure code.

Online Shopping: Buy anything online, book train, airlines and movie tickets or buy gifts online for your loved ones.

Bill payments: Convenient payment of electricity, mobile, telephone, life insurance, mutual fund and other utility bills.

South Indian Bank ATM cum Shopping cards

VISA Classic VISA Gold** VISA Platinum** MAESTRO
Cash withdrawal Rs 20,000 Rs.30,000 Rs.50,000/- Rs.20,000
Purchase at POS Rs 1,00,000 Rs.1,50,000 Rs.2,00,000/- Rs.1,00,000/-
Online purchase 30,000 Rs.40,000 Rs.50,000/- Rs.30,000/-*
Eligibility # All types of ordinary SB a/c except no frill accounts.
# All current a/cs.
# SB privilege Silver, SB privilege Gold.
# Mahila savings account
# Youth Plus
# GSS Smart, GSS executive
# CD premium account holders with monthly minimum balance of Rs 10,000 i.e. CD premium accounts of Standard, Silver, Gold category.
# Mahila Plus a/c.
# NRE diamond.
# Domestic Platinum account.
# CD Platinum, Ruby and Diamond category.
# Just open any savings or current account with us.

On entering the ATM Cabin you will be welcomed by SIB. Please open the PIN mailer (if for the first time) and keep the PIN ready for entering in the machine. Please hold the card in your right hand and read “SIB Card”. Then insert the card in the slit provided for and take it back when you will be requested to enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN). If not, insert the card again since the machine has not read the card .

On entering the PIN, the following Main Menu will be displayed.


Please press the appropriate option button and follow the simple instructions step by step till you complete the transaction. Please
collect your receipt from the receipt slot.

  1. Cash Withdrawals: From the main menu please press ‘WITHDRAWAL’ button.Cash can be withdrawn by entering the required amount in multiples of Rs.100/- and press continue. Minimum amount allowed to draw is Rs.100/- and the maximum amount is Rs.20,000/- Instead, you can also invoke the option of ‘FAST CASH’ from the Main Menu for speedy withdrawal by selecting the fixed amounts shown. Please collect your cash and Receipt from the respective slots.
  2. Balance Enquiry: From the Main Menu, you can press this option to enquire the balance amount in your account available for withdrawal. Thus in case you are not sure of your available balance, please use this option before proceeding for withdrawal.
  3. Statement of account/ Cheque book: By pressing the ‘STATEMENT REQUEST’ or ‘CHEQUE BOOK REQUEST’ buttons in the Main Menu, the request of the customer will be registered in the machine and the branch will send you the same through post/ courier at an early date.
  4. Mini Statement: From the main menu, you can press ‘Mini Statement’ option and get a statement of your last 9 transactions. Thus the customer saves their time to collect the account statement from the branch.
  5. Change of Personal Identification Number (PIN): At the time of issue of SIB ATM Card, the Bank will provide a temporary PIN to every card holder to initiate your first operation. PIN is a 4 digit number known only to you but can be recalled by you at any time. Card holders are advised to change the PIN as a first transaction in SIB ATM NETWORK. The machine will ask you to confirm the new PIN entered by when you have to re-enter the PIN for registration by the machine. PIN is the secret code known to you and your machine alone and in case you forget the PIN, you cannot log into the machine and the ATM card has to be replaced.[source]

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