South Indian Bank M-Commerce (Mobile Banking Service)

Hitherto you were enjoying the benefits of South Indian Bank’s SMS banking service, through which you were able to get the ‘push’ & ‘pull’ alerts right at your mobile phones. Through this service, the transaction details of your A/c, with balance outstanding, status of cheque issued by you, the location of nearest SIB ATM centre etc., were made available at your mobile screen. With the advancement of technology, we are now equipped to provide you the convenience of M-Commerce. With this service, you can now make various services including payments through your mobile phones.

From 1st of August 2009 onwards, SIB offers M-Commerce service (payment on purchase of goods and services through mobile phone) to its customers in association with M/s. PayMate, the country’s leading Mobile Banking Service provider.

Since M-commerce is an entirely new breed of payment channel and involves payments by debit to your bank account with SIB, separate registration is required for availing this facility.

With the convenience of M-Commerce you can now shop with merchants tied up with M/s PayMate and make online payments through your registered mobile phone.

In M-Commerce, the Bank account of the customer is linked to his / her mobile phone registered in India, which facilitates M-payments anytime, anywhere on a 24×7 basis. This is the most convenient and hassle free payment service, which can be initiated through your mobile phone. These payments are authenticated by the system with the secret MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number provided for this purpose by PayMate through mobile phone) of the customer. For further details please refer the user guide provided below.

As an introductory offer, the service is offered free of cost to the customer. The service is ‘SMS’ based and works on both GSM and CDMA networks and across all handset models. As per RBI guidelines, no cross border transactions are permitted. Hence these payment transactions can take place in India and only in Indian rupees. For this reason, only domestic mobile phone number can be registered for availing M-Commerce service. The service is offered to the bank’s customers who are fully complied with the AML / KYC norms.

Registration for the M-Commerce service requires physical presence of the customer at the SIB branch along with the signed Registration Form. However, customers having Internet banking facility (Sibernet-Retail) can register themselves through Internet banking. Such Net banking customers may login to Sibernet – Retail portal and get them registered by visiting Requests -> Register M-Commerce service provider. A write up on registration process is also provided below along with the Application cum terms & conditions of the service, User guide, merchant list etc. So, get yourself registered for this service and enter the arena of M-commerce! All well wishers are requested to open a SB A/c with us and avail unlimited facilities of Net banking and Mobile banking.

Transferring of your funds is now easy with South Indian Bank. SIB in association with M/s. PayMate enables intra bank money transfer allowing users to transfer funds from one account to another instantly via the mobile phone. With this you can transfer an amount up to Rs.50000/- per day.

The registered customers for the facility can transfer funds between their accounts by sending a SMS as FTR <RECEIVERS MOBILE NO> <AMOUNT> to 09223175501.

For further details contact your nearest SIB branch or call our toll free customer care center in 1800 843 1800 or 1800 425 1809 (BSNL).

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