Solve360 – Integrating Team Ideas Into Single Customizable Solution

solve360_logoSolve360 introduces an entirely new product concept designed to do exactly what teams need to get work done every day by integrating ideas from different software systems into a single fast, simple and customizable solution. Embodied within you’ll find Solve360 covers Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Intranet, Contact Database, Content Management System and file server requirements.

[advt]It helps you manage your client interactions and keep everyone coordinated if you work with people you manage a lot of information. This work consumes most of your time and creates little value for your clients. Coordinated teams spend far less time “communicating” and more time planning and doing the right things. Imagine the benefits you’ll realize supported by a simple, client-focused system. Discover how our Solve360 will make a huge impact to your bottom line.

It was a result of listening to the customers that Solve360 has evolved the way it has. The newest generation takes a fresh and innovative approach to enabling users to organize, manage, and service their clients, consolidate information, distribute workload, and automate activities – in short, to get things done


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