Soda 3D PDF Reader – Tool that Help to View PDF Files

Soda 3D PDF Reader is a tool that designed to help you view PDF files. But if you’ve already tried more than enough of these, keep reading – this one has a couple of twists which means it stands out from the competition. You can also create PDF documents from Word, Excel & 300+ formats. Soda PDF 3D Reader is 100% compatible with all PDF files created with any software and its powerful tools make it easy to open, view, create and print PDF documents.

The “3D” in the name refers to a neat visual effect when you’re reading, for instance: the file can be accessed in a dual-page view, like a book, and as you drag with the mouse (or tap the keyboard) so a realistic animated page turning effect sees you move through the document.

And if you’re willing to register the program by passing the developers your name and email address, then they’ll send you an “unlock” code which also allows you to create PDF files of your own. Office addins enable you to build PDFs directly from Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and a “Create PDF” option from within the viewer also means you can convert Office documents, images, text and ComicBook files (CBR, CBZ) to a PDF equivalent.

Download Soda 3D PDF Reader


  • Open, view and print PDF files
  • View any PDF file in 3D without transformation of the file
  • Create PDF from Word, Excel and 300+ formats (registration required)
  • Read digital comic book files in 3D (.cbr and .cbz)
  • [advt]Browse catalogues, books, magazines, etc. on your PC!
  • Zoom in and out easily while in 3D view
  • Use customizable viewing options, including Full Screen
  • Create from Internet Explorer and FireFox
  • MS Office Plugin

Direct Download Soda 3D PDF Reader

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