SnapMazeGenerate QR Code Storing URLs from Webpages Using SnapMaze Firefox Extension

SnapMaze plugin/extension for Firefox browser offers you to generate QR codes storing URL from the webpage you currently looking at. It changes any weblink in a webpage into a QR Code.

Creating a QR code could not be so much easier that to have a plug-in instantly create the QR codes for every weblink. You can use a mobile phone to read the QR code storing URL from the pop up screen as shown in the picture below. You may also having the QR code into your blogs.


[advt]Download SnapMaze Firefox extension

Download SnapMaze QR Code Reader into your mobile phones

Phone requirements : J2ME MIDP 2.0 , CLDC 1.1

There are two installation methods:

Method 1:

Activate the mobile phone browser and point your mobile browser to and download the snapmazereader.jad directly from your mobile phone. This method will automatically download all necessary files.

Method 2:

If you planned to install the reader by download it first to PC and later transfer to mobile phone using bluetooth/infrared, then you need to download both these files:
After performing these downloads, you need to activate the installation process by opening the .jad file.

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