Blank Canvas Signature for Gmail – Extension for Chrome and Firefox

Blank Canvas Signature for Gmail is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that helps you manage multiple signatures for multiple accounts. It lets you use images and styles in your signature. The signatures are inserted when you compose, reply or forward an email. It requires access to page data in order to allow optional storing of your signatures in a bookmark that can be synchronized across multiple computers using something like Xmarks. It needs “access to data” in order to inject the interface into the page.

The extension gives you the freedom to have four different signatures for each account you manage. The signatures are classified under four labels; Default, Business, Family and Friends. It adds two buttons and a dropdown field for the labels in the compose message interface. An additional two buttons for reinserting the signature and removing it can be added from the settings. To create a signature, click the Create Signature button. Pick the email address that you want to add the signature to and the label you want to associate it with. Once you’ve created signatures for all your labels and/or email addresses, they will be inserted automatically when you compose a new message.

If you have a single account and you use it for both business and personal correspondence, you can insert different signatures for each with the help of these labels. When composing an email, a dropdown appears next to the From Field; you can pick any of the four labels and the signature associated with it will be added to your email. Labels can be edited as per your preference from the settings.

Download Blank Canvas Signature for Gmail for Chrome

Download Blank Canvas Signature for Gmail for Firefox 


  • Use rich HTML signatures with images, styles, etc
  • Real-time signature preview while editing signature HTML
  • [advt]Signature automatically inserted into message above (or below) quoted text
  • Support for single or multiple email addresses
  • Supports up to four different signatures per email address
  • Create a different signature for each email address you use in your Gmail account
  • Works for Compose Mail, Reply, and Forward

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