SmartRipper – Free Tool to Create Backups of DVDs on Hard Drive

SmartRipper is a free DVD application that you can use to create backups of DVDs on your hard drive. The program is loaded with nice features like per-chapter splitting of VOB files, angle processing, etc. It also displays statistics such as length, size, and max/min/average bitrate for every chapter and active selection.

Download SmartRipper 

To use the program, simply insert a disc into your DVD-ROM drive. SmartRipper will automatically detect it and a short authentication process takes place to ensure that all files are readable. Once done, you’re presented with the main window. It supports three copy modes: ‘Movie’ (copy the movie only), ‘Files’ (copy selected files only) and ‘Backup’ (copy whole disk).

[advt]It allows you to select and deselect the check boxes next to the parts of the DVD you want to save. If you’re new to DVD ripping though, make sure that you know what you are ripping as it may not be clear from the file names on the DVD exactly which ones you want.

If you’re unsure what you need from the disk, just start in ‘Backup’ mode and it will save absolutely everything on the disk. This is not much use for the average user but for multimedia specialists, it could prove useful if you plan to edit the DVD footage later. However, its advanced features go way beyond this, enabling you to refine almost every aspect of the ripping process.

In ‘File’ mode, there are three options to choose from – ‘Direct stream copy’, ‘Demux to extra file’ and ‘Extract to new VOB (VOB means DVD Video Object – in other words, data on the DVD)’. ‘Direct stream copy’ does the standard ripper job of taking the 1:1 audio track from the disc. ‘Demux to extra file’ is a great option if you want to save the soundtrack without the video.

It enables you to save the audio in a separate file away from the rest of the contents of the DVD. You can only save in WAV format but you could easily convert this to Mp3 with a simple converter.


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