Zamzom – Network Tool that Detect Who is using Wireless Network

Zamzom is a Wireless Network Tool that protects wireless networks and maintains computer security, it allows users to detect all computer names, Mac and IP addresses utilizing a single wireless network. Within seconds, Zamzom reveals all computers both authorized and unauthorized who have access to any given wireless network.

This program provides users with information on each and every computer that has access to their wireless networks, including authorized and unauthorized users. From computer and user names to Mac and IP addresses, Zamzom wireless networking tool even identifies computers unseen in a program neighborhood and computers that can’t be pinged.

Zamzom wireless network tool informs users of precisely who is accessing their networks so that they can go about protecting their personal and company information. Within 10 seconds, it helps users take valuable steps toward properly securing their wireless networks – a measure that should not be overlooked.

Download Zamzom 

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