smartQ Agile Project Management Tool – Online Team Collaboration

smartQ_logosmartQ is an agile project management app built around a visual task board. It allows you to easily distribute work, track its progress and collaborate with your team online. smartQ can track tasks, issues, tickets – it is customizable to fit any workflow. Unlike other project management software built around task lists, smartQ offers an innovative Project Board view (also called Kanban) for better work flow visualization. It is ideal for ticket tracking.

[advt]A Project Board makes resource management easier – allowing a lean approach to project management. Share tasks with your team online and access them from anywhere. Store all team communication and files in one central location. Help Desk, Issue Management, Task Tracking – smartQ can fit any scenario

smartQ is an online implementation of Kanban designed to fit any business. You can easily adjust smartQ to manage the processes in your own organization. It is not free.


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