BillShrink – Cost-Saving Web-Based Service Tool

BillShrink provides a free cost-savings, web-based service tool that provides users with personalized recommendations for everyday services such as cell phone plans and credit cards. These recommendations are computed in real-time by matching your indicated usage profile against literally millions of different market options. The results enable you to view and compare options so that you can make a well-informed decision that maximizes your savings

[advt]BillShrink application for wireless enables you to discover the best cell phone carrier and plan to meet your personal usage requirements, with the best call quality, at the lowest cost. There are hundreds of cell phone plans available on the market, with literally millions of various plan/add-on combinations. With all this unavoidable complexity, there is no single “right” answer for everyone; rather, the optimal choice depends squarely on how you personally use your cell phone .To solve this problem, our application allows you to interactively describe your wireless usage profile, and in return, receive comprehensive, real-time analysis and feedback on which plans are the best fit for you


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