Shoebox – Tool for Cataloging Large Digital Photo Collections

Shoebox is an excellent tool for cataloging large digital photo collections. Its ability to organize, search, and back up thousands of snapshots is truly impressive. It is the solution for organizing all of your photos by content. You can add photos to categories, which describe everything in your photographic world. Categorizing is as simple as a few key clicks, and then you can browse and search your photos by content.

Download Shoebox 

[advt]Your Shoebox catalog has a hierarchy of categories, which can contain photos and other categories. Categories are like virtual folders. You can organize files into folders by date, person, place, or thing. But you can organize photos into categories by date, person, place, and thing. Shoebox lets you browse your photos by folder or category. You can tell which mode you are in by looking at the Browse toolbar control.

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