Sharypic – Platform to Create and Share Photos

Sharypic is a social sharing platform for photographs where you can create an album for an event, share it with your friends and see them comment on your photographs. You can upload your photographs directly from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or others to Sharypic. You can also directly transfer pics from your computer or your mobile phone to Sharypic.

Sharypic is your complete photo sharing website. You can comment on others’ photographs, add a description to your photographs and share them on social networks. You can also like a photograph. You can invite your friends to visit your gallery and share your Sharypic gallery with friends on social networking website.


  • Gather everyone’s pictures: All your event’s photos are gathered in a single place, no matter who took them.
  • Comment on the best pictures: Comment on any pictures and find out which ones are the most popular.
  • Collaborate all together: You don’t have to do all the hard work. Invite your friends to help you add and organize photos.
  • Decide who can add or view photos: Sharypic gives you control over who can add photos and view your gallery.
  • Import from any service: Import your photos from an existing Facebook, Picasa or Flickr album. You can also easily transfer pictures from your computer or your mobile.

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