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ShowzeyShowzey is an online photo organizer to bring all your favourite photos together in one place. Showzey will collect all of your photos along with shared photos from your Gmail mailboxes, Facebook account, Picasa albums, and Flickr albums very easily. You can share photos, copy them between sites, make funny captions, create RSS feeds, etc.. You don’t need to register and sign up to use this service.

How It Works

  • Just select which service you use for photos, and press “Get Started”.
  • You will be signed in using your Yahoo!, Twitter, MySpace, Google, or Facebook ID. No registration required
  • Showzey will collect all your photos and photos of your friends from your mailboxes, Facebook, MySpace, Picasa and Flickr

Main features

  • Free to use[advt]
  • Requires no installation
  • Supports Gmail, Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa
  • Can batch-share photos on multiple social media sites


The Showzey dashboard shows us our photo statistics from our connected accounts and we are able to view the pictures of all our friends on those accounts. The photo extraction process can be reversed to for our benefit. In other words, we can use Showzey to upload a single photo and have it uploaded to our connected social media accounts.

There are numerous tools that fuse social media sites but Showzey does so in a unique way, giving preference to photos. This tool will definitely appeal to many social media website users.




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