Sensr – Free Online Webcam Surveillance Service

Sensr is a free online webcam surveillance service where you can set up a camera to monitor your home or a certain area while you are away. This software will allow you to receive emails if something happens on camera so that you will be alerted to the change. You can set the camera up to monitor your house while you are on vacation.

To use the technology you just go to the website and login to the site. You can use the system through Facebook sign in as well. You then can set the frequency you are updated and feel safe knowing that you will be the first to know if anything is going on in your home. A lot of people like to set up the cameras to catch their pets doing funny or weird things while they are gone. If you sign onto the website you can see a few different pet cameras going on and watch them as they get into mischief.

Another good thing about this software is that adult images are not allowed. You will not accidentally see too much of someone’s private life when you sign on and click on their videos. A fun thing to do with this technology would be to set it up looking at your hummingbird feeder.


  • Added Security: When you are away from your home you will feel so much safer knowing that the camera is keeping a watchful eye over it. The fact that you can check in at any moment puts a lot of people at ease when they are leaving.
  • Sharing: You can share videos on most social networks with this software. The program is setup where with just a few clicks you can share your video to social network sites.  If you catch something really funny on video then sharing it will be a piece of cake!
  • [advt]Image Saving: The images that you will be able to see can be saved in the program. These images are stills of the videos that have been recorded all day. When people sign into the site they will be able to go back and watch the video from earlier that morning all the way up to their current time. If they want to see certain times of the day, and the activities that were happening, they will be able to click on that time and watch it from there.
  • Get Alerts by SMS or Email: Once of the great feature of Sensr is that it can automatically alert you whenever it detects motion in front of your camera. It can send you alert via email, or even send you a text on your phone.

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