Send Free SMS to US using TextPort

TextPort lets you to send SMS for free to any person in US and for a very low cost to people in other parts of the world. You can send text messages to Canada, UK, Spain, Australia, China and India for just two cents. ┬áThe site comes with a really simple interface for writing your text message (up to 140 characters), and a drop down menu for choosing the country your recipient lives in. You have to submit your email address for the message to be sent, too, but that’s basically all the information you are asked to supply.

[advt]TextPort offers virtual mobile numbers which can be leased to an account. A virtual number allows your textport account to behave just like a regular mobile phone. Your friends can text messages to your virtual number and you’ll receive them in your TextPort inbox. When you send messages from TextPort your texts will appear to the recipient as if they were sent from a phone with your virtual number.

You’re never requested to disclose your phone number, and you don’t have to submit your “real” e-mail address. You can submit one that you’ve made up, and nobody would really know it was you who sent the message.

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