IndyaRocks – Login for Free SMS in India – India Rocks!, an Indian social networking website, offers unlimited Free SMS to cell phones in India for all registered users. The SMS limit of 90 characters has been increased to 140 characters.

Only Indian cell phones can be registered with Indyarocks. You can send SMS to you friends on Indyarocks, send a group SMS to your friends and also send SMS to any India mobile number.

You need to register and verify your mobile number in order to send free SMS to non members. Your mobile number will be sent along with your SMS when sending SMS to non members.

Your Indyarocks friends from across the globe can also send you free SMS.



IndiaRocks also features the online gaming community, online chat, blogs, videos, pictures, classifieds, etc.. The online gaming community has a lot of free games, featured under various categories such as Action, Adventure, Sports, Racing, Word games, Indian, Puzzles, etc.. The user community can rate, review and share the games with other members. Members can also submit their own games.

The mobile version of social network at

I find IndiaRocks as a great service and congratulate them. At the same time I don’t like the hundreds of spam-like emails in the name of my contacts inviting me to IndyaRocks. Indyarocks keep sending the reminders very often and its annoys me a lot. I had setup a filter in my Google Apps email to move such emails to the Trash. Today, while checking out the site, I removed the filter. Hope the spamming policy of indyarocks would have changed by now. See below the sample email.


Here is the link to send free SMS to any mobile in India. I use it too 🙂

-friend’s name
Please note: This message was sent to you by a user at In case you do not wish to receive any more such messages, please contact the user who has sent you this message. If you do not know the user and continue to receive such messages from this user, please contact us at [email protected]


  1. I need to send unlimited sms National & International sms but nobody are offering free unlimited or International free sms facility. About 90% websites are promising free unlited international sms but they are not really providing this type of facility. So Please tell extract which website are offering this type of service in India or outside from India. Thank you for your reply in Advance.

  2. What the prossing the mobile massage your indyarock website are any other option to log our webside

  3. • Friendship is all about three things -winning, losing n sharing. Winning your friends heart, losing your self ego, and sharing joys n sorrows.

  4. Do you have ny option tht u can block a number from this site from sending messages to ur no. ……..?????????????
    I really need a gr8 help in this regard..

  5. mr.cofounder,

    my unwanted send me sms from your site which i don’t want absolutely at any cost. even my no. is registered to do not disturb list of vodafone n TRAI.
    take immediate action for this n let me know about it.

  6. Hi Sreekandakumar

    Thanks for your post about Indyarocks. I apologize for any incovenience caused to you with the invite messages. Would like to mention to you that we do not spam users with unsolicited invitations. The invites you have received must have been from your known acquaintances only. We have a strict policy and have never sent out spam as it will spoil the reputation of our platform over a long period of time.

    If you have received repeat emails form the same person, it would have been because of the reminder service which sends 3 reminders over a period of 1 year and then removes the invitation permanently from our database.

    Also to make the un-subscribe policy more friendly, we have recently automated the process by giving appropriate links in the email invites. Now a recipient can choose to permanently block their email address in our DB or they can decide not to receive emails from a particular member.

    Once again. Thanks for your review and I hope the new automated spam filter process will be helpful.


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