Security Against Threats Targeting Social Media- Download Defensio

Defensio provides superior security against threats targeting social media, along with improved management and control of content posted on any site. Defensio can now protect your personal or corporate Facebook profiles from the spam and malicious content.

You can now block links to external websites based on their category. You can configure which categories you want to block and which ones you want to allow. Defensio can now automatically detect, reject, and mask profanity from UGC posted on your website. It maintain a basic list of profanity words, and you can add to this list in the control panel.

Download Defensio


  • Complete security coverage: Defensio detects spam, as well as malware, malicious content and unwanted URLs.
  • Most platforms supported: Including Facebook, WordPress and Drupal, amongst other.
  • Industry leading technologies: Enterprise-grade web anti-spam and URL categorization.
  • Open API for developers: Implement Defensio service filtering in your own application.
  • Detailed statistics for complete transparency
  • Ridiculously easy spam management
  • Implements the new features of Defensio 2.0 including: malicious content blocking, profanity filtering, blocking of URLs based their category
  • Asynchronous for improved speed
  • Spam quarantine sorted by spaminess
  • OpenID support when used in conjunction with the WP-OpenID plugin
  • Background color applied to spam comments to increase ease-of-identification
  • Spam comments collapsed (and restorable) to allow for easy and efficient navigation
  • Very obvious spam can be hidden from view
  • Performance statistics provided to show how Defensio is doing on your blog

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