Scribblar – Collaborative Whiteboard Tool

Scribblar is a collaborative whiteboard tool, the application allows users total freedom in creating a chart, diagram or other tool to help with a project or other tasks. Multiple users can access and edit the white board so collaboration is streamlined and everyone can get involved in the process. It has recently made two significant enhancements to its service. First, Scribblar now has an equation editor built into the toolbar. Second, Scribblar has added the option to add images from Flickr to your whiteboard screen. To add images simply click the “fr” button under “assets” to search for Creative Commons licensed images and add them to your whiteboard.

Using Scribblar, users can collaborate on the creation and editing of images and drawings. If you have an image you can upload it to your whiteboard where you and others can edit it or comment on it.

Scribblar also allows users to use text chat for instant questions, answers and input. Live audio offers another layer of options to work on a project quickly as a group. Updates are made in real time so everyone sees the most recent version of the white board. There are no session limits and Scribblar works great for online tutoring, artwork revisions, creative brainstorming, interviews, tests, and product demonstrations. By working online, users can make it easy for anyone to access their white board and provide input, even while at home or traveling for business.

Scribblar is great for

  • Online training and tutoring
  • Revising artwork and images
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Sales and product demos
  • Interviews and tests


  • [advt]Real-time multi-user whiteboard
  • Image upload and download
  • Text chat with userlist
  • Crystal-clear live audio
  • No user or session limits

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