ScreenParts – Free Screenshot Capture Tool

ScreenParts is a free Screenshot Capture tool that lets you capture areas of your screen, to the Windows clipboard and/or to an image file. Standard capture tools will mainly focus on grabbing the full screen, or individual windows – but ScreenParts is different. Launch the program and by default it’ll display a 300×300 pixel transparent capture form. You can adjust this to the size of capture you’d like.

Then you simply drag the window around the screen until it’s over the area you’d like to capture, and press Ctrl+Alt+S to save that image to the clipboard. There are options to include the mouse pointer in an image, or play a sound when the capture takes place. And you’re able to set up a capture timer to have an image grabbed after some defined delay.

If your captures are typically full windows then ScreenParts probably won’t be for you: manually positioning the capture form will be too much hassle, and you should probably use a more conventional screen grab tool instead.

But if you need to grab fixed-size areas of an image then ScreenParts will be far more useful, as you’ll be able to frame the capture right away, see exactly what you’re getting, and so avoid the need for cropping later.

Download ScreenParts 


  • Customizable borderless capture form.
  • Option to output the captured image to the clipboard and/or image file.
  • Pre-defined image names or an option to always specify filenames.
  • [advt]Capture counter
  • All required files in one single directory, making it suitable for a memory stick.
  • Option to automatically start with windows, running silently in the notification tray.
  • Global hotkey support, making it accessible with a single key-combination even if you are working in another application.
  • Full support for unlimited number of monitors connected to your computer.
  • Full support for capturing opaque, semi-transparent, layered or alpha blended windows objects or graphics. (WYSIWYG)
  • Option to include the mouse cursor in the captured image.
  • Capture timer for delayed captures.
  • Option for a notifying sound effect when the capture occurs.
  • Portable application – No registry settings by default (1 optional) & all program files in one single directory, making it suitable to run directly from a memory stick

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