Scans Android File System for Virus – Download Free Dr.Web Anti-virus Light

Dr.Web Anti-virus Light LogoDr.Web Anti-virus Light is an android app that scans the file system of your Android device, including the hidden area and user applications. Detected malicious objects can be deleted or moved to quarantine.[androidqrcode: com.drweb]

Dr.Web Anti-virus Light uses Origins Tracing for Android — the unique algorithm to detect malware designed specially for Android. This algorithm allows detecting the new virus families using the knowledge database on previous threats. Origins Tracing for Android can identify the recompiled viruses, e.g. Android.SMSSend, Android.MobileSpy, as well as the applications infected by Android.ADRD, Android.Geinimi, Android.DreamExploid.

Download Dr.Web Anti-virus Light for Android

Dr.Web Anti-virus Light Screenshot1Dr.Web Anti-virus Light Screnshot2

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