Norton Safety Minder – Monitor and Restrict Child’s Online Activity

Norton Safety Minder is free tool that will help you monitor and restrict your child’s online activity. It lets you keep an eye on, and manage your kids’ online activities. Norton Online Family plugs you into your child’s online life.   After creating a free Norton Online Family account and installing the necessary software on your desktop computer, you can then configure the options you would like to use.

If there are specific web sites you would prefer you children did not visit, a blacklist of sites can be created, but it is also possible to block sites by age rating or category – but bearing in mind the number of sites that subscribe to such schemes, this may not be the best filtering option. It can also be used to keep an eye on which sites have been visited, or to which attempted visits have been made.

But the app is about more than just monitoring and controlling web activity; Norton Safety Minder has more to offer anyone who has a Norton Online Family Premier account.

[advt]With OnlineFamily.Norton, everything is in one simple place online, at all times. So you can have access to your account wherever you happen to be. Check alerts and profiles or update your account -from an airport, a train, or the office-wherever you have access to the Internet. OnlineFamily Norton allows you to see which sites are important to your kids, who their friends are, and what their online style is all about.

You can talk to your kids about what they’re interested in, what the “house rules” are, and how OnlineFamily Norton features are decided and adjusted. Setting up is very straight forward, and it created a few tools to help you along the way. Visit the OnlineFamily.Norton site to create your family account, download the Norton Safety Minder onto each computer that your children will be using.

You can make adjustments, check in, and check out quickly and effortlessly, anywhere you happen to be. Cyber bullies. Inappropriate content. Identity thieves. Internet predators. These dangers and more are only a click away when your kids are online. Help keep ‘em safe with Norton Online Family. It lets you keep an eye on, and manage your kids’ online activities so you can protect them from Internet dangers and teach them safe Internet habits.

Download Norton Safety Minder for Android

Download Norton Safety Minder for Windows

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