Download Panda – Free Cloud Based Anti-Virus Packages

Panda is free cloud-based anti-virus package and bundle of community-based firewall. The firewall is designed to automatically set rules for known applications and processes, reducing the number of prompts you see when an unknown program attempts to connect to the network or internet. This ensures that  for the most part  it can be left to its own devices.

Download Panda

You’re then left with the same lightweight cloud-based anti-virus as before. It provides real-time protection using the latest virus signatures backed up by the “cloud-based” part of the protection, which basically translates as freeing up system resources by doing all the analysis of your files over the internet, resulting in a lighter, faster package.

Potentially dangerous items are quarantined in the program’s Recycle Bin, where you can easily restore them if necessary from the main interface. The program also comes with a browser toolbar for IE and Firefox that aims to help steer you away from dangerous websites. It’s no substitute for a dedicated tool such as MyWOT, though.  It offers a reasonable level of protection too.

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