Samsung bada Smartphone Mobile OS

Samsung announced launch of its own smartphone OS is called bada. The word Bada means “ocean” in Korean. This name was chosen to convey the limitless variety of potential applications which can be created using the new platform.

Samsung will hold a bada press event in London on December 8 and  more details about the Samsung bada open mobile OS will be unveiled to the world. The SDK (software development kit) is also planned to be made available.


Bada is presented as a “complete smartphone platform, able to run high-performance native apps, and services”. Samsung bada is described as being simple for developers to use and having a ground-breaking UI.

It is expected that, bada will gradually replace Symbian and Windows Mobile in Samsung’s smartphone portfolio. Samsung hopes that bada-powered devices will become a significant force in the market in 2010.

The first Samsung bada phones will probably be available starting next year.

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