Pay Your Tata DoCoMo Mobile Bills via SMS Using ItzCash Card

You can now pay your Tata DoCoMo mobile bills by simply sending an SMS using an ItzCash card. Tata DoCoMo has entered into an agreement with ItzCash Card to have the mobile bill payments for the Tata DoCoMo consumers.

To make the mobile payment, Tata DoCoMo customers just need to SMS the keyword PAYBILL, the amount, ItzCash account number and password and send it to 121.

ItzCash Card is available in denominations ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 10,000 and is available in ItzCash franchisees. Consumers can also place an order for the card online. There are no hidden costs. Consumers can utilize the full value of the card, without the fear of charge-backs and reversals. All transactions are confirmed in real-time.

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