One Paisa Per SMS and Unlimited SMS for Re. 1 Per Day by Reliance Mobile

Reliance Communications is making SMS’s more affordable to all mobile customers in India with two new revolutionary SMS tariff plans for Reliance Mobile customers: One paisa per SMS plan and Unlimited SMS for just Re. 1 per day.

The new SMS tariff plans are add-on plans and are applicable for all Reliance Mobile customers irrespective of CDMA or GSM network as well as prepaid and postpaid customers.

All Reliance Mobile customers, regardless of the tariff plans they have for voice and data services, can avail of the 1p/SMS plan by subscribing to a Standard Tariff Voucher of Rs. 11 per month. Or the unlimited SMS plan can be subscribed to by Reliance Mobile customers on a daily deduction of Re. 1 per day from their prepaid balance.

Pre-Paid SMS Plans
Type Value Proposition Pack Rental To Subscribe
SMS STV 1p/SMS for Local, National & Roaming Rs. 11 per month SMS <ACT SMS1P> to 53739
Daily Pack Unlimited SMS’s (Local, National and Roaming) Re. 1 per day SMS <ACT SMSDD> to 53739
Post Paid SMS Packs
Type Value Proposition Pack Rental To Subscribe
Simple SMS Pack 1p/SMS for Local, National & Roaming Rs. 11 per month SMS <SUB SMS1P> to 53739
Free SMS Pack Unlimited SMS’s (Local, National and Roaming) Rs. 25 per month SMS <SUB SMS15000> to 53739


The tariffs are applicable for non-commercial use only. To prevent these attractive SMS tariffs being misused by telemarketers a fair usage cap of 15000 SMS’s / month is applicable on the Unlimited SMS plan. As per TRAI performance indicators, an average customer sends 25 SMS’s per month and is 600 times more than the average usage for the month. Customers using these tariff plans for commercial use would be immediately disconnected.

“SMS continues to grow every year with more and more innovative ways of utilizing its potential coming in the forefront. Indians are using SMS as a mode of communication to keep in touch with friends and family. With select subscriber groups, SMS is a preferred communication mode over voice calls. On account of significant tariff disparity in the recent months, it has lost its due share of attention. Considering this, Reliance Communications with its 1st in the industry initiative, aims to revitalize SMS usage in the country”, said Mr. Mahesh Prasad, President – Reliance Communications.

“Like our earlier Simply Reliance offerings of Local, STD and Roaming calls at 50p/min and 1p/sec from any Reliance mobile to any phone on any network, yet to be matched by any competitive offering. With this best in the industry initiative, we offer significant value not only to our existing 9 Crore CDMA and GSM customers, but are also aimed at gaining new acquisitions from high SMS usage groups of the GSM community such as young professionals and the youth across India”, he added.

Earlier last month, Reliance Mobile took the lead in unveiling India’s most affordable tariff plan SIMPLY RELIANCE at a uniform rate of 50p/min for Local, STD and Roaming calls followed by uniform calling rates of 1p/sec for Local, STD and Roaming calls. Based on the usage patterns, Reliance Mobile customers can also opt for unlimited calling plans of Rs. 1 per/3 mins call for local, STD and Roaming calls.

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