Samsung App AndroSensor – Showcase all Sensors in Android Device

AndroSensor started as a simple showcase of all the sensors your android device has, yet it has become the absolute all in one diagnostic tool that lets you know virtually everything about your device’s status.  Its a Samsung app.

AndroSensor supports all the sensors an android device can have and it will tell you which of them is not supported by your hardware. View in a single screen the data from all device’s sensors in real time. Graphical and text output available for each sensor (graphical output not available for proximity, location and battery info)

Download AndroSensor

  • Location, location provider, accuracy, altitude and speed
  • Google maps to show the above info. Tapping on your location shows your address, postal code and location accuracy (if available)
  • Accelerometer readings,
  • Gyroscope readings,
  • Light sensor value,
  • Ambient magnetic field values,
  • Device orientation
  • [advt]Proximity sensor readings
  • Pressure sensor (barometer)
  • Temperature readings
  • Battery status, voltage, temperature and health
  • Sound level meter (decibel)
  • If your device supports it, next to the sensor’s name, you will see how much power the sensor consumes per hour in mA.

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