ResLoad Notifier – Free CPU Usage Monitoring Tool

ResLoad Notifier is a free CPU usage monitoring tool that allows the user to set notifications to messages depending upon the CPU usage. It continuously monitor the CPU usage and can set a threshold percentage, which when breached, allows a popup to display on the screen. Further the user can control specific applications after such an event. You can also select what will happen to the application after the warning is shown: either bring it to front or close it. With customizable notifications and the option to hide the application to tray.

Download ResLoad Notifier 


  • Get total CPU usage
  • Set notifications according to total cpu usage or usage of certain process
  • Show/Kill process after warning
  • Set notification method (Message box / tray notification / less annoying message
  • Delayed Warnings
  • Automatically set warnings
  • [advt]Choose between default or custom warning messages
  • Minimize to Tray option so that application won’t be annoying.
  • Start with Windows

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