Remotely Control PC with Google Talk – Free Download Gbridge

Gbridge is a free Gtalk Extension that lets you remotely control PCs, sync folders, share files, and chat securely and easily. The Gtalk extension automatically forms anencrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) that connects your computer and your computer directly and securely. Gridge automatically forms a VPN (Virtual Private Network) among your PCs no matter where they are, regardless of whether they’re behind firewall or NATting routers. Gbridge 2.0 also supports Google Apps accounts, making it easy to create VPN within organizations that utilize Google Apps.

Gbridge claims that there is no limitation of the number of shared folders, no limitation of the number of files within one shared folder. There is no maximum file size limitation either. Gbridge 100% free VPN connection with no limitation. Gbridge cannot be installed as a Windows service, as such it cannot access to PC under power saving mode or when it is locked down. This limits its usage to a manned host PC only. The developer claims that installing as a service will be included in a future version.

[advt]Gbridge requires you to provide your Google ID and password for authentication into Google network which could be a security concern for some people. Gbridge claims the Google ID/password will never be sent to Gbridge server, but only sent to Google Gtalk server in encrypted form. Gbridge suggests you to create a new Google ID/password that can be used exclusively for Gbridge if you have concern about it, but that new account would not have your existing Gtalk friends readily available.

GBridge has no limit,  no adware and is completely free. What you need is a Gmail account. This Gtalk extension also has Google Apps support and is been given the green signal or thumps up by some of the best in the business such as CNET, Google apps and slashdot among others.


  • SecureShare: Sharing files or folder between computers has never been easier. You may also grant your friends’ access to your files.
  • AutoSync: Automatically synchronize folders and files between computers.
  • LiveBrowse: Browsing of  remote shared folder without synchronization. This extension automatically generates thumbnails and slideshow for pictures. Media files like mp3, wma, flv, wmv, rm, midi, swf, can be played online itself.
  • EasyBackup: Easily backup files between your own computers
  • DesktopShare: Remote access to your computer desktop or your friend’s computer desktop.
  • Chat: Chat with your friends running Gbridge, Gtalk or Gmail.
  • 3rd party applications: Microsoft remote desktop, Microsoft share folder, ssh, ftp etc can run on top of VPN.

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