Remote Control Camera Using Android – Download Camera Remote App

Camera Remote-logoCamera Remote is an android appp, it’s main functions are bluetooth connection, remote camera control, download remote files, file explorer, image/text viewer. It includes applications like friends or group photo, some fun with stealth/spy camera, monitoring the places.


Application available for  situations:

  • Friends or group photo[androidqrcode: com.busywww.cameraremote]
  • Hard to get view points, low or high angles
  • Some fun with stealth/spy camera.
  • Monitoring the places
  • And, etc.

Download Camera Remote for Android 


  • Bluetooth Connection: To control remote device’s camera, it is required for two android devices; one of which will be a camera and another will be used as remote controller. Paring and Discovering the bluetooth devices are included in the application.
  • Remote Camera Control: After connected, user from controller device could see what the remote device camera is showing it in the real time and user can take control of remote device camera, while viewing the remote camera frames.
  • Download Remote Files: User could download photo images from the remote camera device into the user’s controller device.
  • File Explorer: User could list device’s folder and files easily. It includes three sub menus; View, Rename and Delete. Long Click on the item from the file list will show the file sub menu.
  • Image/Text Viewer: Image and text file viewer will show the file location and file size at the bottom of the screen.

Camera Remote-screenshot Camera Remote-screenshot1

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